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Digital Platforms Recession #digitalMarketing

If your online business were having its best days, but not anymore. You are turning very average now.

Photo by Benjamin Sow on Unsplash

Usually, every decade we experience a drop-down in the economy and this affects all different industries. And that what economists call “Recession”. #Recession is when the economy stops growing and starts shrinking. Some say that happens when the value of goods or/and services produced declines for two following quarters of a year. In history. This always happens in every industry and as the internet industry is still new especially the digital culture. We are still in the process of experience.

The digital marketing spaces have a huge number of customers and that exactly what caught the attention of almost every business. I mean, when was the last time you bought something out of an ad you saw in a magazine? Or where do you spend your time most?

I always tell the people I work with that in less than 10 years from now. What we thought is for the youngsters and not affecting our decisions and choices will be our best possible revenue. I mean, look at pop culture in the past. At that time we as a society put it in the category of only youngsters and it will vanish. Now, how we dress? Thanks to pop culture.

Tiktok shares more than 600 million users (and growing) between the age of 12 to 20.
Instagram is pushing ads for the first time after 1.6 Billion users.

If your online business were having its best days in 2016 and 2017 but not anymore. You are actually turning very average now.

Let’s go five years back and try to push any business online. Marketing online wasn’t a piece of common knowledge and so many other barriers like having a website, creating a functioned marketing funnel, using credit cards as quick beside PayPal and gaining traffic was the toughest as Ads were extremely inaccessible unless you had a blog or FB page to push organic traffic from.

If you passed these barriers all together back in that time. Even if you were so average in all aspects like copy-writing or visuals or even marketing itself. It won’t matter because you were one of the few people to pass and not much of a competition now. It will be about your business all alone.

Nowadays as any other industry, the digital industry is almost getting its full sufficiency. Shopify, MailChimp, Click Funnel, Guru, Wix, Squarespace, and Web Flow were some of the software that changed our approach. Even google ads, Bing and SEO marketing has an easier algorithm. Thanks to AI. Now, almost anybody can make a website, start a funnel or even buy ads.

And also, the vast majority of users that used to make the most in the past are not having their best ROI anymore. They turn to be average now and any youngster with a proper utility can replicate their entire business model. Courses, Supplements, Clothing, Software. etc... I mean how many only keto protein brands had we seen online the past couple of months. 6 different online banks were hunting me after pushing on the ad of N26. Thanks to AI.

Being online and having a product is no longer good enough. Any type of business now is not hard to be done online. Instagram plus FB ads. Ready and run. In the past having all these digital aspects could make you special. Now, it’s a default. And the only way around this is to be special again in this market place.

Spotify rebranding by Collins is the best example of what it means to have an experience rather than a product. Shopify case study by Brian Collins Agency.

Spotify had its old branding perfectly done to be compared equally with the same aspects of a #brand image and colors as top brands at that time. Very minimal and futuristic way. Simple one-color green and simple logo with black and white identity. At that time, it was trendy and it looked so much like Google, eBay, Apple. Etc. it was the right trend to fall into being AVERAGE.

Collins calls this “minimal viable product”. They began as a great technology platform for music. But people weren’t looking on their platform for technology. They wanted music. They wanted the product experience it is real in all aspects.

The real experience laid within redesigning Spotify to focus on music internally rather than tech only (turn it to a music company), their customer engagement and supporting them to create soundtracks for their daily lives and just give it colors.

The easy part is getting ads and product visuals. As the hard part now is delivery!

Having an amazing #product. Amazing #customer experience. Hyper discipline #advertisements.

Businesses online are now just focusing only on selling. And having as many products neglecting the customer experience but the business with the best product – best customer experience – disciplined well ran business = special again. Refining the business and dedicating everything to superior customer experience are the main pillars for a more sustainable well-grown sale.

Human experiences are what we remember. Think about it. The best and worst experiences you had growing up or through adulthood. High school prom, your first drawing or riding your bike for the first time. It's not a brand ice-cream. Its how our brain functions. Deep experiences create memories. Deep memories that can last. Delivering a good experience will make your brand lasts and remembered. And delivering an average normal experience will never be remembered. It is like the thousand thoughts that are coming on everyone’s mind every single minute and expect from our brain to keep it!

The #digital platform's market is very established and connected, businesses and entrepreneurs will be having more time and energy to spend on their product and customers experience to break out of being average.

People don’t follow who is screaming the loudest, they follow the best product.
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