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Professional Summary

I’m the person that comes before design. Aladdin is my real name. Digital storyteller, Brand specialist & Film director based in Cologne, Germany. I love traveling the world for worthy adventurers, Strive for good branded content. Good for business, humanity, insights, neighbors, and high-fives!

You know, the unassailable set of brand attributes at the core of who you are, which make you special. Together let's translate your passions, personality and true values into a brand that deeply connects with your dream audience and grows your business. To avoid what happens these days to many brands, shouting authenticity without actually being authentic, shown their inability to connect with consumers.









Content Creation  Writing     Campaign Development    Branding   

Social Media   Filmmaking   Audience design    Creative Initiatives

Transmedia    Crossmedia    Videography    Research   Creative & Planning 

Work Experience

2019 -Present

Digital Storyteller

  • Developing brand strategy

  • Creating Marketing planning

  • Creating brand story and copywriting

  • Customer targeting research

  • Building employee brand culture

  • Creative Consultation

  • Moving images directing

Redbull - Berlin Motion pictures - Beiersdorf (Nivea) - SoleekLabs - Impact Hub - Malaysia Ministry of finance - KSA Ministry of Tourism - Ahead nutrition Germany - Tech Startups


Festival Judge - Berlin Motion Picture Festival

  • Rating different kinds of film and content categories that are submitted on the festival’s platform

  • Creating a report with the list of all the submission from the selected season

  • Reviewing/Screening approximately 150 film and shorts per week



Creator & Director  مرتفقا - Habitation

The Transmedia Series of:  مرتفقا Habitation – Grief of 100 Million.

  • Creating story world

  • Designing audience experience

  • Writing 70 minutes script + 12 episodes synopsis

  • Directing the production of the pilot

  • Creating graphic content for websites and social media

  • Casting and acting performance coaching

  • Festival presenting



Brand specialist - Co-working Space

  • Rebranding creation

  • Creating an aligned brand story

  • Acquiring employee brand culture

  • Directing and shooting photography sessions



Creator & Director - Aspire Stories

  • Concept creation

  • Building of social media Strategy

  • Directing the whole campaign


Aspire Youth Stories Cross Media - online Series that was done in the Middle East (Egypt). It aimed to use the social media medium to have more impact on the youth’s behavior – with almost 36,000 followers within 3 weeks.


Film director Architecture documentary Ahmad Hamid Architects - Venice Biennial 2016

  • Director

  • Editor

A documentary film for Venice Biennial Festival Ahmad Hamid Architects – How spaces could affect the behavior of the people of the middle east.



Visual and communication design director - NGO VIP FELLOWSHIP PROGRAMME

  • Building a brand strategy

  • Completing culture alignment and Awareness

  • Creating a sustainable business building for the visually impaired (dialogue in the dark)

  • Designing mockups for simulating the experience of the Visually impaired


EMPOWERING THE VISUALLY IMPAIRED This project developed training modules for the visually impaired community aimed at building their capacity, increasing public awareness on the issue faced by people with disabilities and thus, improving their employability rate.


Video Creator - Dialogue in the Dark (Include me)

  • Concept creation and writing

  • Cinematography

  • Editor


Dialogue in the Dark (Include me) was screened on the national television of Malaysia s part of my work with NGO in 2016 on empowering the Visually Impaired project. This project aimed to rebuild a sustainable organization for blind people of Kuala Lumpur.


Visual designer GPP agency (middle east)

  • Concept creation

  • Creative

  • Graphic design

  • Visual critique


Working on larger scale projects concerning interiors and exteriors of spaces and constructions as the biggest Cinema in the middle-east (D Box) City stars and Intercontinental Cairo innovations and events.




IFS internationale filmschule köln

Master of Arts in Digital Narratives, Cologne (Germany)


Marvel studios

Diploma Digital storytelling (Visuals) – Marvel studios LA, (USA)


BA Hons – Arts and Architecture, London (United Kingdom)

Researches and Interests





Transmedia Activism and Practices on Social change   

MAY 11, 2018

Discussing transmedia strategies applied to social change and concluding that this kind of approach highlights “the dignity of the subjects and strives to convey the complexities of the lives and issues by taking advantage of the technology available to challenge audiences to enter, experience and interact with the stories in new ways.


Atemprorlity   Sep 12, 2017

A closer look to what net and technology have done to the idea of the history and the future. and how we consider our narration references that turns to be beliefs.


Evolving of Pictures thru Ages   Jan 30, 2017

The way the Greeks believed on their superior beings has dramatically affected their depiction of them that was translated into different forms of art like drawing, storytelling, singing and that was transitioned in comic books, creating superheroes with incredible abnormal abilities and finally being globalized not only in the form of comics but moving pictures medium in movies and TV series.



People are very precious about Art. They try to include all the things they love under its master like: advertising and cooking; but the desperate attempt to have games included in the Arts speaks less to the significance of the category of art, then the curious lack of significance we attach in comparison to the category of games.       


YouTube   Dec 20, 2016

Every kind of media from print to radio to music to television to the internet creates a kind of invisible environment around us.

University of Greenwich

Conferences Participated 








Transmedialle Berlin is a yearly Berlin-based festival and cultural organization that facilitates critical reflection on and interventions into processes of cultural transformation from a post-digital perspective.

La Biennale Venice stands at the forefront of research and promotion of new contemporary art trends, organizes exhibitions and research in all its specific sectors: Arts (1895), Architecture (1980), Cinema (1932), Dance (1999), Music (1930), and Theatre (1934).

Re:publica is one of the world's largest conferences on digital culture. Media professionals, entrepreneurs and academics from around the globe share their knowledge and discuss the future of the information society.

Photokina is a trade fair held in Europe for the photographic and imaging industries. It is the world's largest such trade fair. The first Photokina was held in Cologne, Germany.

Gamescom is a trade fair for video games held annually at the Koelnmesse in Cologne, Germany.

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