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Ahdaaf digital




Ahdaaf is a digital start-up agency specializing in providing editorial and social media content for the football industry, with a special focus on the Middle East region. they morphed from initially a website and a Twitter account covering Middle Eastern football, but following demand for their writers and content creators from publications, leagues and football associations, they are established as a company and started providing those services. Their key clients include the UAE Pro-League (Arabian Gulf League) and the Asian Football Confederation (AFC)

Creating a new visual identity to match our new position in the market and will be creating a new website to promote the business. For now, the main requirement is to design a logo, company letterhead, and business cards. We will then use that identity to design the website accordingly.

- All about football

- The Middle East has grown brand and the Middle East focused

- We are fans, so we understand fans and deliver content they want to see

- We are young, exciting and growing

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