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Digital Storyteller

rooted in brand strategy.

Based in Cologne to the world!




Ziad Aladdin is a unique mix of talents that connect only within digital storytelling. and his featured exhibits like Transmedialle Berlin, La Biennale Venice and Re:publica.

His focus on transmedia storytelling is shown his paper “Transmedia Activism and Practices on Social Change” beside directing/writing "Habitation" a transmedia series.

Through stories come Brands. beside his creative work with moving images, Aladdin made companies and personal brands come alive as such Soleeklabs co, Dialogue in the dark-DID.



Believing that "At the core of every person is a brand attribute that makes them special".







Brand Strategy 
Identity Design
Audience Design
User Experience















It's all about the process 











It all boils down to understanding your user base. In most cases, it’s the design that decides your position between making or breaking a business.

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  • What’s the average cost of the project?
    The final price is directly related to the project scope, timeline, and deliverables. As real project scope, can’t be determined without a formed strategy, the first stage of the project is Discovery. After this stage, we’ll have clear overview of what we building, what resources are required and how much time we’ll need to complete the project. Once we have a clear picture of this, I’ll be able to propose you final price and deadline. For now I can only give you a bull-park range, so the clients I work with previously typically come to me with more than $2,000 and less than $10,000 in their budget.
  • How long will take you to revamp our website?
    It depends on the project scope. But from previous experience, designing and developing new Identity can take up to 2 weeks, while some bigger scopes, can take up to 4-6 weeks.
  • What process I can expect?
    Detail information about me, my services, costs and timelines, you can check in my Capability Deck Document
  • What I can expect on our first call?
    The first step of starting our cooperation is 30-minute discovery call. In this call we’ll try to define your goals, perform problem discovery and identify potential solution to your problem. After our call I’ll send you proposal for discovery session, so you can approve and set a downpayment. Once we complete the the Discovery phase, I’ll be able to compose and deliver a final project proposal, and then we can officially start our project.


I left parts from myself within every thing here.

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You got a cool project on mind?
Let’s collaborate and create powerful ‍Product & Brand for your Business.
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